1 - 3 October 2018
Hilton Wembley London, UK

Chief Data Officer Financial Services Advisory Board

Introducing the Chief Data Officer Financial Services Advisory Board 2017!

The Chief Data Officer Exchange Advisory Board is an international group of Chief Data Officers, Chief Data Architects and Heads of Data and Analytics, as well as expert firms and solution providers, who advise the Chief Data Officer Exchange Network on a number of strategic decision-making processes when it comes to researching and developing the events.

The Board provides meaningful help on a regular basis in many different areas, including agenda content, speaker suggestions, event structure, networking activities and more. Their abilities, experience, and knowledge have been carefully selected to ensure that as a group they provide the Chief Data Officer Exchange events with well rounded and balanced advice. Sometimes questions will be posed to the group as a whole and sometimes individual members will be consulted alone, however, they each share an active and regular dialogue with Exchange Production team.

CDO FS Advisory Board Members:

  • Raveendra Bharadwaj , Chief Data Architect - Asset Management, Deutsche Bank

  • Mark Wilson, Head of Data Quality UK, Handlesbanken

  • Dr. Barak Chizi, General Manager Group Big Data and Analytics, KBC