18th & 19th October 2017
London, United Kingdom

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Mapping Your CDO Transformation

With the rapid growth of IT, gathering and analysing ‘big data’ offers us scope for predictions in a broad range of people-based research from the contraction of infectious diseases, consumer buying patterns and even voting behaviour. The role of the Chief Data Officer is now vital but how is your organisation mapping it's CDO transformation? Download this report which will give you the insights and tools needed to effectively transform the data in your company.

What Do CDOs Want To Invest In?

As a data & analytics solution provider, it can be challenging to get that first foot in the door with CDOs, and even more so to navigate through changing internal structures.

So, when you do what should you be focusing on to effectively engage with prospects and win that next piece of business?

In this infographic, we share some of the issues hot on your prospects' agendas, what their top challenges are over the next 18-24 months and what they expect from their vendors and solution providers


Chief Data Officer Exchange, FS Pre-Match Report

Back in March 2016, the Chief Data Officer Exchange brought together 60 Chief Data Officers, VPs, Directors and Heads of Data and Analytics from top enterprises from across Europe. Our delegates spent the day networking with peers whilst discussing and sharing best practice to improve the future of their data strategies.

This report collates the best bits of that Exchange most relevant to the Financial Services and demonstrates the caliber that is achieved with the Exchange model. Get top industry insight from Zurich, Barclays and Lloyds Banking groups as well as session highlights.

See what the Chief Data Officer Exchange, Financial Services can do for you and download your report today.

Top 10 Investment Priorities

Find out the Top 10 Investment Priorities for the attendees of the Chief Data Officer Exchange, Financial Services. Contributors include CDOs, Heads, VPs, Directors of Data Governance, Strategy and Analytics from Barclays, Citi Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, GE Capital, HSBC, RBS Santander and many more. 

Download the infographic now and see where your priorities sit in comparison to these data strategy leaders. 


Cross-Industry Chief Data Officers' Top 10 Investment Priorities

Ahead of the Chief Data Officer Exchange, attendees were asked what their top business challenges are and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months to ensure their data strategies have an impact. Here are the results...


How to Monetise your Data: 7 Simple Solutions

Data is increasingly considered to be the greatest business asset - you can achieve usable, valuable data by having excellent approaches to data acquisition, storage, governance, analysis and security. Here we look at seven specific strategies that you can apply within your organisation to monetise your data.

What's next for the CDO?

For many CDOs their initial work has focused on creating a data culture, gaining buy-in, overcoming silos, and unpicking the challenges of legacy systems, data spaghetti and, crucially, governance. With those first phases now settling down we can look to predictions for the next stages and ask, what are the actions and outcomes that we can expect to see next.

5 Winning Data Management Strategies

This eBook outlines and compares five different data management strategies which you can draw upon to build a forward-thinking and innovative strategy. Each approach is currently used by the few companies currently leading the way in this exciting new field. Download to read more.

A Chief Data Officer is not a Data Protection Officer

Andrew Shindler spoke at the November edition of the Chief Data Officer forum about the role of the CDO and the management and exploitation of data by organisations, into their legal context. In this article, he shares his impressions from the officer, what he observed the main topics of concern to be, and what he things the solutions to the most pressing challenges are.


Download the Agenda

Download the Agenda for the Chief Data Officer Exchange to find out more about the interactive Think Tank sessions, Roundtable discussions and Panel Debates that will be taking place and who will be leading them.

  • Identify the common objectives between departmental and group CDOs, as outlined by Antoine Petat, the Cheif Data Officer for People and Organisation at BNP Paribas 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what "Business As Usual" for an established Chief Data Officer really means from Roberto Maranca, the Chief Data Officer at GE Capital 
  • Establish the necessary next steps once you have reached compliance as part of a roundtable discussion, lead by Matthew Cossor, the Chief Data Officer at RBS

Data Market Report

To discover what the key data industry players are planning over the short to mid-term, we have compiled the findings from our latest survey conducted with the attendees of our upcoming strategic meeting, the Chief Data Officer Exchange, Financial Services.

The following analysis provides insights into the top challenges faced by the industry, the market outlook going in to 2017 and investment priorities for some of the biggest companies operating in the industry.

Download the report now.